It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live their dreams.

Are you that person? Michael Hoard delivers custom-tailored and focused coaching and workshops targeting the end-to-end customer journey to help you scale and maximize your Marketing & Sales ROI.

I help you reach new heights in your business – heights you might not be able to achieve on your own. My coaching approach combines strategic marketing advice with a process designed to bring shared accountability to your sales and marketing efforts. I know you’re busy. I even know that marketing may not be your biggest priority right now. I promise to be flexible as we work to achieve your goals.

Why wait?

I’m here right now to talk with you about where you would like to be in six months,  next year, and well into the future.

Coaching & Workshop Solutions

Marketing Automation That Drives Scale

Nearly 80% of marketers report they don’t feel they are making the most of marketing automation. Often, this is because their strategies encompass nothing more than batch-and-blast email. This session gives all the details on how to move toward purposeful marketing automation – and maximize your ROI.

Sales Enablement That Aligns Marketing To Sales

Learn the best practices for transitioning your team to excel in an Enablement-as-a-Practice role. Understand best practices for measuring the success of your team (KPI’s, Metrics, Performance, etc.) Utilize the processes and tools necessary to ensure your Sales Enable function is sustainable and scalable.

Pivoting Your Product Marketing Focus To The Customer

There is the adage, a great customer experience is a highly successful organizational strategy. Customer-Focused organizations value dedication to client satisfaction and have the capability to continuously develop deep-rooted interactions that put emphasis in constructing trusted connections with their customers. 

Delivering Differentiated Digital Marketing Experiences

People initially gravitate toward experiences that are consistent with their original or existing need, but they subscribe to, or continually consume, content and experiences that are contrary to it or challenge it. Creating a differentiated experience requires you to understand you can’t please everyone. Learn to zig when everyone else zags.